My VA Ballot

My VA Ballot

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Election Day is Tuesday November 3, 2020

Select the image at left to learn who you can vote for and print our your sample ballot.

This November there no elections for state offices and only a few local offices. Tuesday November 2, 2021 is election day for Virginia Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, 40 state senators, 100 state delegates and city and county candidates

For more information on registering, voting, and the redistricting amendment, go to the Voting in Virginia post.


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Presidential Election

Joe Biden (D)

Howard Hunter (G)

Jo Jorgensen (L)

Donald Trump (R)

US Senate Election

Daniel Gade (R)

Mary Knapp (I)

Aldous Mina (I)

Mark Warner (D)

US House representative

Enter your address to determine what US House District you are in and who you can vote for.

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