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There are four types of posts one can curate, i.e. be a co-author of: Basic Post (e.g. about issues, elections, and general information), Politician Post, Member Post, & Sponsor Post.  Sponsor posts are first displayed in a sponsor banner in each post with a link to the sponsor’s onAir post. Sponsor posts are reserved for sponsors of a Hub post, category, or an entire Hub.  Member posts are reserved for Hub editors and administrators and for Advocate Hub member who pay a monthly fee to author an Advocate post that will be clearly identified as a post “advocating” a particular viewpoint of an issue.  Basic and Politician posts can be authored by any Hub member. Hub editors designate Hub members as a co-author/curator of a post which gives the curator the ability to:

  1. Add a Top News item; 
  2. Make minor edits to a post; 
  3. Moderate a post’s forum;
  4. Serve as an intermediary 
  5. Conduct an online interview 

The amount of time required to curate a post will depend on how many Hub members are interacting with a post, especially how often forum comments are made and questions asked. Most state and city related posts will require less than 10 minutes a day to curate. A laptop or desktop computer is required to curate a post. To curate a post, authors log into a Hub with their username and password and either select “Curate my posts” under the “Author” button or go to a specific post they are co-authoring and select the pencil icon located at the top of the post sidebar above the table of contents. Curation Guidelines are outlined in the Terms of Service.

Adding Top News Items

1- To add a Top News item to a post, authors (after logging in and selecting the
pencil icon of the post they want to curate), click on “Top News” in the left column.

2- To determine where to place the item, hover over the far right area of the post until you see the “Add row”

Curator tutorials

3-  Select the item type (e.g. video or article) you want to add from the drop down

Curator tutorials 1

All item types require at minimum a “Title” and a “Source URL” (web link) to the item.

5- For videos that use a YouTube or Vimeo player, insert the link (source URL)
at the top of the video. For other “shareable” videos, have the post’s editor add the video.

6- When adding a video, it is recommended that curators add the source (e.g. SenJohnSmith YouTube Channel), date and length of video. For an article, estimate the length of the article.

Possible sources for Top News items

  •  PBS News Hour … Local PBS station e.g. VPM
  • Google search … Google News
  • Twitter feeds
  • Government and campaign websites
  • Local online papers (no subscription required) … e.g. States Newrooms like Virginia Mercury

How to make post edits

To make minor edits to a post, select the heading with the content you want to edit. Editing is very similar to editing a word document.

If you have any questions or want to make edits not discussed above,  please contact the Hub editor who gave you co-authorship of a post.

How to respond to Hub feedback

Serve as an intermediary between a politician or subject matter expert referenced in a post and Hub members who pose questions and make suggestions and post the responses from a politician or SME.

The lead Curator for this post is Shuaib Ahmed. If you have any content you would like to add to this post, submit it to  See Terms of Service to learn about the guidelines curators use to evaluate submissions and forum comments. Any viewer can submit a question, suggestion, and/or endorsement for possible inclusion in this post and conveyance to the appropriate person(s) mentioned in the post.

How to moderate a forum


How to conduct an online interview


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